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NEELAM RING Neelam is good for increasing eyesight.

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PEARL RING The cooling affect of pearl is known to positively regulate peace.

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PUSHKRAJ RING The brighter pushkraj ring is known to develop memory.

About Us

Dazzling Games was founded in 2010 in Chinchwad, pune, by Vishal Dange a certified Gemologist who has extensive scientific and technical knowledge and experience about various gemstones.

At Dazzling Gems we have on display the largest range of original gemstones with certification of their purity .We also have the most modern lab and equipments for checking their authenticity.

Dazzling Gems enjoys rich patronage of its customers through reliable services and competitive pricing . Here we pride in giving genuine quality and vast selection of gemstones sourced from different parts of the worldin required carats .We also have an amazing collection of pearls and pearl jewellery.

We also have on display the most exclusive American Diamond Jewellery collection. With 10 years of rich experience in American Gemology we boast Of unparalleled expertise in American Jewellery Designing.

Effect of Gemstones on Human Body and Nature:

The gemstones have different colours and luster. Sun being the source of energy it also affects human beings. If we observe the sunlight through prism in a laboratory , we get seven-colour spectrum. The other invisible two colours are infra red and ultra violet.

Thus the spectrum of nine colours is understood to be the cosmic matrix and is the very essence of nine planets. The nine planets are associated with these colours and the stones prescribed are also in consonance. It is important to note that the wavelength of coloured light emanating from the nine plants is believed to match those radiating from each plants corresponding gemstone.

Thus prescribing gemstones is not out of synchronous with this energy system. A particular stone absorbs all kind of solar and cosmic energy and allows a particular type of energy to pass through it and which is then absorbed by the body.If prescribed properly,this actually helps the individual. This restores the balance in him and he finds it benefitting in various ways.

Properties and characteristics of Gemstones:

Every gemostone has its own set of properties and characteristics which makes it unique.This uniqueness is passed on to the persone who wears it. The various planetary positions in many ways determine our course of present and future.The rocks or gemstones recommended by experts protect you from undesired circumstance in life and help you reach your goals smoothly.